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Mafia Wars News Feed Processor (beta)


Script Summary:
Accepts Mafia Wars job help requests.
Version: 0.1.16

how do i use this?? 

Feel free to use and post back any bugs...Thanks!

Current version:

  • Reloads the feed (not page) and completes jobs
  • Optional filter to only show job posts
  • Tracks NY and cuba jobs seperately
  • Updates the item in the feed with the job result (same thing you see on the MW page)
  • Logs job history in the right column of the FB home page
  • Keeps a tally of job stats that have been completed/missed with experience/items/money earned
  • Optional URL to visit/page reload. Time between visits/reloads is configurable.
NOTE: If you are updating from a previous version make sure you right click the monkey and select the user script command to reinit script level variables.

Known Issues:
-Fast reload times (3s-5s) may cause jobs to get tried twice

Make a Donation via Paypal

I'm a college student, so that equates to not having much time or money, but I still find the time to work on my user scripts. I put a lot of time and effort into my scripts so if you find this script useful, please consider making a donation.



Script Summary:
Bulk delete friends on facebooK

how do i use this??

n the friends' pages of facebook, right click the greasemonkey menu on the bottom right of the browser and go to "user script commands" > "reload users"
Click the "Highlight" button to test it out if you want to be confident before doing the delete, it will click the square maximize button instead of clicking the "x" delete button.
It will only delete users on the current page.
The opposite of this script is the facebook invites script...
Here's a script that checks if your friends have removed you...

Some facebook applications will let you keep someone in their team even if they're not your friend.
I'm on holidays, won't be reading the forums, send me a message for anything important.


23/Aug/2009: Fix problem with deleting people with facebook vanity urls.
14/Jul/2009: Removed the big table and put the box into the main facebook layout.
Added a "skip" text box to skip people who are pending or are in certain groups.
12/Jul/2009: People reported that it stopped working, added 'type':'friend' to the delete friends request. Thanks to Cuteboy
26/Jun/09: Added tickbox to delete all friends and friends in the next pages as well.
19/Apr/09: Added a better layout from Don Papy
31/mar/09: Fix recursion too much error.
Stopped reloading the list of users after doing a toggle test.
28/mar/09: Fixed a problem with the script running endlessly.
14/mar/09: Fixed deleting in the friends' list page so it clicks both the dialogs.
A problem with the user list not showing up sometimes when facebook changes page via ajax.

Make a Donation via Paypal

I'm a college student, so that equates to not having much time or money, but I still find the time to work on my user scripts. I put a lot of time and effort into my scripts so if you find this script useful, please consider making a donation.


Facebook Invites


Script Summary:
Invites your friends to the app if they've already allowed the app access. Bulk add new friends. Adds bulk request buttons in the requests page

how do i use this?? 


This script does a few things...

* Bulk add users: Adds a bulk add box, in the greasemonkey menu on the bottom right of the browser, go to "script commands" and choose "show bulk add friends" and you can add users by the bulk.

* Invite boxes: In the invite box of an app, it'll bring up a link to refresh the list of friends who have this app and then select them in the invite box.

* Friends' list: You can put all your friends who are using an app into a friends' list by visiting the invite page of the app, click "refresh" to collect all the users, then visit your friends' list and click "edit list" and choose "select your friends from the previous app".

* Requests page: Once you have a lot of friends they'll spam you with requests, bulk click buttons are available in the requests page to handle these.

WARNING: Use in moderation, facebook are known to ban people from adding friends for a few days if they're adding too many, too quickly.

The Opposite of this script is the facebook deletes script... http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/43404

If you run out of invites for a game, some games have a backdoor to invite people, try this script... http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/45265


aCertainSomeone, Ackis, CrashCat, Crossbuster, Fazuul, Frank Callucci, Justin Ben, khawes, Liquidor, malkocoglu, MitnikShadus, StevenD, ViXaY Xavier

I am away on holidays for a while, ViXaY Xavier has access to update the scripts.


* The list of "friends who have this application" list in facebook is not always correct unfortunately.

* Facebook sometimes has a captcha for some users when they try to add a friend, I don't know how they pick which users. In the discussion area of an application, this is sometimes doesn't work in firefox.


Mafia wars Gift ID numbers

6 = Tactical Shotgun
8 = Stab-Proof Vest
11 = Armoured Truck
18 = Bodyguards
19 = Night Vision Goggles
63 = computer setup
64 = Untraceable Cell Phone
65 = Blackmail Photos
68 = Illegal Transaction Records
78 = federal agent

visit urls below for more info and ids.
Gift Linker Bookmarklet
Gift Bookmarklet


23/Aug/09: Disabled the usotools updater cause their site is down.

4/Jul/09: Added option to untick/tick the "news feed" checkbox. Fixed up adding friends from discussion boards.

8/Jun/09: Added "auto add in profile page" button, now it can automatically add everyone whenever you visit their profile button. Useful now that zynga have moved their discussion boards away from facebook.

21/May/09: Bulk add: Added an option to click on the "prev" link until we reach the first page of the discussion board.

6/May/09: Added "All applications" in the nth buttons area for clicking on the nth button on all applications. Added a text box to click on all buttons with a given text.

1/May/09: Added "block all applications" link. It now makes a list of user ids when you click on a bulk button. You can pick a friend list when accepting friends

26/apr/09: Added request page, nth buttons. Fix for not collecting friends beyond the facebook invite limit for the other facebook games script.

19/Apr/09: Fixed problems with the auto updater. Fixed issue with not selecting the friends list properly. Added delay timer to the bulk add feature Fixed removing of "firstname's" in the bulk request buttons.

31/Mar/09: The bulk friends dialog can be brought up on any page in facebook, need to select "add bulk add friend" dialog in the greasemonkey's scripts menu. You can pick which friend group to add them to now. It pauses when a captcha screen shows up now, but facebook seems to have stuffed up the captcha for adding friends on the discussion pages.

29/Mar/09: The colors are now separate from the app's and there is an option to move the box to the top of the screen if it causes visibility problems. Bulk click buttons on the request page. Various fixes for the select/deselect not working on a checkbox invite dialog, selectable friends not calculated properly in the picture invite dialog. Fixed it up so that it can work on languages other than english.

24/Mar/09: Added a few more links, add random friend now can pick a number, fixed problem with being stuck when we try to add a person whom we've already added.

23/mar/09: Added links to deselect friend, select random friend, deselect all friends from the list.

17/Mar/09: Remembers list of friends for an app.

14/Mar/09: Fixed problems with dialogs not showing up until you hit reload sometimes. Added option to add friends into your friends list.

Make a Donation via Paypal

I'm a college student, so that equates to not having much time or money, but I still find the time to work on my user scripts. I put a lot of time and effort into my scripts so if you find this script useful, please consider making a donation.

Facebook MobWars Auto Helper(TM) V2.0


The most popular and best supported Mob Wars application EVER! -- Helps and improves the playing experience of the Facebook application MobWars with automatic functions. -- Includes Captcha Solver(TM)

how do i use this?? 

FireFox AddOn
You can download this addon by selecting any of the following links:
Link 1: MWAutoHelper2.34g.xpi.
Link 2: MWAutoHelper2.34g.xpi.
Link 3: MWAutoHelper2.34g.xpi. << Hosting provided by DeepEND ► No GreaseMonkey is needed for the AddOn version, and thus may be slightly more responsive.
BOTH Versions will direct you here when there is a new version. Be sure to update the version that is appropriate for you.
►If you use this AddOn, be sure to disable the script in GreaseMonkey (if you have it installed)
FeedBack welcome at Scripts@SecureWorldHosting.com
New Version 8/25/09 (Version 2.34g):
- Fixed the auto stockpile feature not always coming up with the correct amount to purchase of an item (and overstocking your mob by a small amount).
- 'Pause' now keeps the script from attacking on the hitlist when you refresh manually and mobs come up that are within your hit range.
- The script should, once again, catch (in most cases) when your bank account goes below your set minimum. Still needs a "minimum deposit" amount, or something similar, to avoid the constant bank deposit after every heal if you're at your minimum.
- Updated script experience calcs to take into account the new(er) stuf:
4000 - 4099 = 40,000 exp per level
4100 - 4199 = 45,000 exp per level
4200 - 4299 = 50,000 exp per level
4300 - 4399 = 55,000 exp per level
- There is now a button to reset your action queue. This will normally not be needed (and in most cases the exact same queue will be created anyway), but can be helpful if you get caught in a "resting" state. Now, instead of reseting the "boss" database, you can just reset the action queue (In some cases, a reset of the boss database may still be necessary).
- The highest experience obtained by fighting a mob is now also displayed on the profile screen of mobs. The highest experience you've ever received from a fight is also now recorded and is displayed on your fight list window. Both wills start recording from the time you update the script, so it won't take into account any fights you've had previously.
- The Fight list window now shows the Total Experience won in all fights listed (also the highest experience overall)
- Script should now catch the MobWars/FaceBook error that sends you to "lb0.mw.production.monstergamesinc.com/*". You may need to add 'lb0.mw.production.monstergamesinc.com/*' to your "included pages" under 'Manage Scripts' in the greasemonkey menu, but GreaseMonkey .should. update this for you when you upgrade (nothing is needed if using the AddOn version)
- Can now set what stamina level at, or above, you want the fighter drone to override bounty hunting (Forced mode).
New Version 8/15/09 (Version 2.34f):
- Fixed an issue where the script would go buy stamina from the godfather, but then still end up waiting for stamina to regenerate. The stamina wait should now be canceled automatically when it purchases the stamina from the godfather.
- Increased max input for 'play dead level' from 4 characters to 5.
New Version 8/14/09 (Version 2.34e):
- Nissan GTR is treated properly now
- Sumo Wrestlers are not considered in the auto stockpile purchase routines. Just buy your max allowed (10) manually.
- Script no longer displays unused items
- Script now displays best upgrades for defense, items used for defense, and links to purchase the suggested defense item(s).
- Per request, added a '%' health display in the 'diagnostic' display.
- Godfather usage is slightly improved. It will still do cash and hired guns as soon as enough godfather points are available (as makes sense). Health, stamina, and energy are only taken advantage of if you have enough points, and they are at 0. This may still make health and energy basically useless (still working on how best to handle those), but it should work well for stamina now.
- Mob Wars hasn't been updating the job page (stats after a job) as it should at all times, so a check has been put in for this.
- 'Try Again' functionality has been changed to be user configurable (under Visible Preferences/currently last item in section). When the 'Try Again' prompt comes up from FaceBook, you can either have the script click on the button directly, or simply reload the page. Clicking on the button directly will try doing whatever action again automatically, but may on occasion bring up a FireFox prompt asking to 'resend information' (thus halting the script). If you ask the script to simply reload the page, the page is reloaded but the action will only be performed if the script realizes that it wasn't performed yet. The script, in most situations, should realize this and then go and perform the action again anyway. But, in some cases, this could cause the script to never perform the action (until the next time it is supposed to be performed).
..- You should normally have it 'click' on the 'Try Again' button. But if you find that you get the 'resend information' more then you want, you should be able to safely, in most cases, simply set this option to 'No' and it will reload the pages instead.
New Version 8/11/09 (Version 2.34d):
- Most 'power items' are now treated correctly as vehicles/armor/weapons.
- Prep items, required items, etc., for jobs are now handled (mostly) correctly. If the required/prep item is an item you can obtain from another job, it will perform that other job until the item(s) are received. If it is an item that needs to be purchased, it will purchase the item(s) for you in most cases. If it can't determine where to get the item, it will tell you that you can not perform the job. And if all fails, when it comes time to do the job, it will realize that it can't be done and will simply set your current job to 'none'.
...- There are still caveats with the prerequisites... The script has to make a few assumptions with what you have and do not have (without having to resort to checking stockpile pages over and over), so it may perform prerequisite jobs more often then necessary in some cases, and may purchase items when not necessary at times. And, as such, may occasionally set 'jobs' to 'none' if it thought you had what was needed, but ended up that you didn't.
- The script no longer checks all the city pages for the correct auto-city-purchase item after every job change -- it does it all internally.
- Autostockpile should be updated well enough to handle the prerequisites correclty now -- purchasing prerequisites when appropriate, ignoring items that have prerequisites you don't have and can't purchase.
- Fixed the attempting to do a job you don't yet have the ability to do (energy not reached) in cases where the job is the next thing in the queue, and you manually go to a job page.
New Version 8/04/09 (Version 2.34c):
- More updates to keep up with some Mob Wars changes ("behind the scenes" stuff basically dealing with picking up vital stats, profile statistics, and leveling-up activities)....
- Also fixed a small potential problem with the job system
New Version 8/03/09 (Version 2.34b):
- Updated the level-up routines to handle the latest Mob Wars change in that area (none visible change)
- Updated Job routines to better handle the major change in Mob Wars in this area.
....- This is an "interim" change -- ie, it is NOT complete.
........- "best payout" and "best experience" are temporarily removed as job options.
........- The script does not currently handle "prep" items as it should. So be
......... careful with what job you choose.
.............- If you can't do a job you choose because of one of these currently
.............. mishandled "prep" items, when it attempts to do the job, it will
.............. simply set jobs to 'none' until you reset it to another job. NOTE: You may have to reset your "boss" database, and/or set your job to perform to 'none' before it starts picking up and doing jobs correctly again. Hopefully not necessary, but may happen to some.
New Version 8/02/09 (Version 2.30i):
- Updates for the new Mob Wars changes.
.. - Jobs are not working. This will hopefully be corrected with the next version, intended to be out within 24 hours.
.. - sumo wrestler purchase max -- script will try and purchase to many at once. If you are at a high enough level to have these, purchase them manually for now.
.. - Script appears to 'bog down' if the autostockpile has to purchase many times in a row, of the same item... If you just got something new and improved on your stockpile list, probably best to purchase them manually for now.
--- Has not been tested on a "level up" cycle since the latest Mob Wars changes. Hopefully no issues, but can't guarantee it yet.
New Version 7/30/09 (Version 2.30h):
- More changes to the city and stockpile checking routines.
- For an unknown amount of time, the script wasn't checking the city and stockpile pages when people first begin using the script (new users), and when it should have after certain databases were reset. This should be fixed now too.
- Changed the end of the leveling partner/revenge run to go to the first person on the leveling partner/revenge list, instead of the home page. Should speed things up slightly for those who use nothing but the leveling partner/revenge feature, no real difference for those who use other features at the same time.
New Version 7/30/09 (Version 2.30gg):
- Missed a Mob Wars change that was causing 'resting' issues for people.... This has now been corrected.
- Updated a few routines for determining some costs.
New Version 7/29/09 (Version 2.30g):
- Repaired an error that could have, on occasion, caused "First Come" targeting on the hitlist to actually act as "Lowest Bounty"....
- Background healing now does a better job keeping track of current cost to heal.
- Background healing will also keep your bank balance where it belongs now (no more running out of money in the bank, unless of course you don't have any money to put in it. :) ).
- Keeps slightly better track of the bank account when background healing is used.
- Added labels to the buttons that currently have keyboard key equivalents.
- Improved handling of the 'try again' page.
- Put back in a small 'kludge' that should keep things flowing a bit better.
New Version 7/25/09 (Version 2.30f):
- Repaired the full "Snipe" mode -- results are now received correctly again.
- Repaired an infrequent problem with background healing/heal-on-demand that could occur if a captcha came up on the hospital page.
- 'F4' key to heal.
- 'F8' key to toggle bounty hunting on and off.
- 'F9' key to toggle fighter drone on and off.
- 'F12' key to toggle level partner/revenge on and off.
New Version 7/21/09 (Version 2.30e):
- Changed 3 char limit to 5 on Leveling Partner/Revenge interval (now can be set at 1 day+ intervals)
- Script now picks up your boss's level correctly again (it stopped reading it correctly, apparently, a few days ago) -- had no real impact on the script and only affected the % display of how much Exp was needed to level. And, in some cases, it would display the wrong max mob size for your mob.
- Fighter drone mob memory is now time based (instead of a user defined FIFO queue). Defaults to remembering a mob for 1440 minutes (one day). This time starts from the last time you attacked the mob. Those already in the queue will have their time start from the first time you attack any mob.
- There is now a 'snipe' mode for the Leveling Partner/Revenge routine. It should be noted, however, that because of Mob Wars itself, snipes don't always succeed. Also, currently it won't record all the fight results. 5 is the max. This is a donator only option.
- The refresh timer now defaults to on, with a 30 second refresh (15 second minimum). Can still be turned off.
- Refresh timer now refreshes to a random page.
- Fight list, Victim List, Help menu, log window, and preferences now all open in the maximized state even if you had them minimized when you closed them previously. As pointed out, this makes more sense.
New Version 7/14/09 (Version 2.30d):
- Can now pause/unpause with the 'F2' key.
- Updated to handle the new levelup notification that Mob Wars has changed to.
New Version 7/11/09 (Version 2.30c):
- 'Repaired' the Add Friend links... Facebook isn't allowing them from within Mob Wars anymore, I have yet to figure out an exact way around it. So, the next best thing. The links now go to their profile page, and you can click the Facebook 'Add as friend' link from there.
- Can now set the fight list reload time -- for when there is nobody on the fight list that is available to fight. Defaults to 7 seconds, but may make sense to set it to something around 180 seconds (can be set up to 999 seconds) so you are fairly certain to get a fresh fight list, and you don't leave yourself open to chainers (as much) while you wait for a new list.
- The fight list doesn't automatically refresh after you receive a message saying that a mob is too weak to fight, or that they are in your own mob. Does still refresh for other cases as before.
- Win/loss ratio and average experience is now displayed on a mob's profile page as well (if you've fought them before, of course)
- Leveling partner/revenge now fully obeys the health settings in the same way as the bounty hunting and fighter drone do.
- Leveling partner/revenge now has a "punch, then hitlist" option (no attack)
- Leveling partner/revenge now has a 'hitlist only' option
- Leveling partner/revenge now has a 'attack, punch only if attack should be available' option.
- There is now a "Heal on Demand" option (only for donators). With this option, the script only heals just milliseconds before hitting someone on the hitlist, or fighting on the fight list, and when needed during leveling partner (or revenge). This should cut down on the chainers dramatically (especially while bounty hunting and using the fighter drone).
New Version 7/8/09 (Version 2.30b):
- Minor change to instructions for leveling partner/revenge function
- Repaired a loophole with the hitlist block times that could keep it trying to bounty hunt, even though it says it's currently shut off, and (potentially) that AutoHeal is OFF (and it is).
- Corrected the time parsing of the hitlist time block function. Previously, it would erroneously add about 40 minutes per hour of time blocked. This would correct itself, over time, if you had other functions running, but if bounty hunting was the only function running, it would cause it to wait for longer then intended.
- Leveling partner/revenge routine now has the interval set by seconds, not minutes -- to allow for a faster repeat. If you already had it set in minutes, it should have changed it to seconds for you. But it's always best to be safe, so check. Keep in mind, if you set this option to repeat too fast, other functions may never run if you don't turn leveling partner/revenge off.
New Version 7/7/09 (Version 2.30a):
- Fixed a bug that was causing the script to forget your owned rocket launchers (and a few other weapons, as it turns out). Should fix a problem with it auto purchasing stockpile items you don't need.
- More fixes to the leveling partner/revenge functions
- Also added more options to the leveling partner/revenge functions. You may now just attack, attack and punch, just punch, or attack/punch/& hitlist -- set on a per mob basis. Instructions are within preferences.
New Version 7/3/09 (Version 2.25z):
- Now correctly cancels Leveling Partner/Revenge routines when stamina runs out and this was the only routine you had running.
- Made some adjustments to how the script restarts Leveling Partner/Revenge routines after stamina and/or death waits. Now restarts fresh, instead of just in the middle.
- Can now turn 'Add Facebook Friend' links off on the profile pages.
New Version 7/1/09 (Version 2.25y):
- Corrected a small (functionally irrelevant) url format error with the leveling partner/revenge routines.
- Updated the script to show more information about your Captcha Solver account.
..-- Captcha Solver can now be purchased in 1000 use blocks.
- Corrected an issue where the blocklist could be ignored by the Leveling Partner/Revenge routines.
New Version 6/29/09 (Version 2.25x):
- Fixed Facebook 'common' error always reloading the Mob Wars game, regardless of what is set in preferences.
..- default for error reload is now 'yes'.
..- Now attempts to access your browser history, and will send you back wherever you came from. If it can't access your browser history, it assumes Mob Wars and sends you there. Uses the same procedure that Facebook's "Go Back" link (on the error page) uses, but instead of defaulting to your home page, defaults to Mob Wars.
- Changed default of 'Limit holdings of undeveloped land:' from 'Yes' to 'No'.
- Fixed pawn shop causing the script to forget you owned a couple items (armored vans and riot shields mainly)
- Armored Vans are now treated correctly (they were being considered 'weapons' previously)
- Stock display now shows what items are used as well.
- Repaired the 'Add Facebook Friend' link found on mob profile pages.
- No longer shows the 'Add Facebook Friend' link on your own profile page.
- ********** Leveling Partner (Beta) routines are done! *********
..-- At the set intervals (that you set in preferences), when this option is enabled, it will override bounty hunting and the fighter drone while it goes all the way thru your leveling partner/revenge list (once) and/or uses the number of stamina points you have set to use. It will then go back to bounty hunting and/or the fighter drone (if they are enabled) until the next time your interval has passed.
..-- Currently, the script assumes that one stamina point is used each time it attempts to attack one of the mobs on your list, whether or not that attack actually went thru.
- Fixed an error that enforced the fighter drone blocklist even if you had it turned off.
New Version 6/25/09 (Version 2.25u):
- Fixed many of the issues that remained in the script due to the recent change that Mob Wars made (to ajax)
- The ajax handling has vastly improved.
- Levelup routine fixed
- Fixed a bug in the experience sorting on the Fight list.
New Version 6/20/09 (Version 2.25t):
- Corrected an error with the new hitlist disabling timer that if you turned off bounty hunting, during the time block, the script would still go to the hitlist screen (once) after the time delay was passed.
- Repaired the common error.html functionality in the AddOn version.
- Improved the page movement routines to better emulate a human.
- We're back to a full ajax Mob Wars -- they changed how they did it (slightly) from the last time they went to full ajax, so some things had to be changed to accommodate it. Plus had to update a few routines that were added between the last full ajax attempt by Mob Wars, and the current one, that didn't handle the ajax stuff as well as hoped. Also had to backtrack on the way some things were being changed (internal only)
- More work is done on the leveling partner and retaliate routines... But we still have a ways to go (things like the new Mob Wars change (ajax), among other things, keep pulling me off of finishing those other routines... But they are slowly coming along)
--KNOWN ISSUE: Doesn't pick up fight results correctly on the .profile. page.
--KNOWN ISSUE: Full snipes work, but get stuck in a short (35 sec) delay again. Safe and Safe Snipe modes work as intended.
New Version 6/16/09 (Version 2.25s):
- Some changes to how the fight block lists are done, hopefully fixes the issues some people have with it not recording when appropriate.
- Bounty hunting can now be turned off at certain times of the day.
- Some more changes to how the fighter drone reports what it is (and isn't) doing to better reflect what's going on. No functionality has changed. Mobs can now show up in more then one category on who was blocked (for instance under "(Ignored) Blocked for Online:" and under "Blocked for losses:")
- The block lists all default to enabled now, with automatic adding after one loss (more appropriate for new users who haven't set everything up yet) Has no effect on those who have already set theirs up.
- Updated the popup help (missing, no longer accurate, etc.)
New Version 6/13/09 (Version 2.25r):
-Nothing new in this one. Just a fix for those that are taking advantage of the new 'username' option on FaceBook. If you aren't using that option, there is no need to download this version.
New Version 6/12/09 (Version 2.25q):
- Repaired the fight and victim list recording ('safe snipe' mode still has "problems")
- Removed all MWCaptcha code (will probably add it back if MWCaptcha service ever comes back up)
- Added your max mob size (EXcluding hired guns) to the diagnostic display
- Limited the max mob size (INcluding hired guns) shown, per mob, on the fight list to 2002.
- There are now three bounty hunting modes: safe mode, safe snipe, and snipe. None of the modes are actually new. Safe mode is what it has always been. Safe snipe is what we've been doing in the last few versions -- this mode has the most problems with accurately recording all fight information, but of the snipe modes is the least likely to get stuck. And snipe mode is what we used to use prior to the last few versions (and originally had to abandon because of some Mob Wars changes). If you have been fighting with snipes, the mode defaults to "safe snipe". (Safe mode remains safe mode)
- Shortened the 'safety net' for sniping to 35 seconds.
- Added some messages to the Captcha solver for the GreaseMonkey version.
- Added some more Captcha Solver reporting (script back to solver)
- Fixed an error that wouldn't allow the hitlist target to change in some cases (highest, first come, lowest)
New Version 6/4/09 (Version 2.25p):
- Changed the default snipe delay to 250 milliseconds. (1/4 second)
- Fixed an error that if you used the Captcha Solver, and you use the system prompt/alert type of manual captcha entry, it would not allow you to enter the captcha manually if the Captcha Solver should fail.
- Fixed a few preference issues (failing to update, etc.)
- Fixed capitalization problem with message checking
- Fixed an error with the in your mob and enforcer blocklists
- Added some window controls.
Ad window can be minimized and maximized -- will NOT remember between page refreshes (will always start opened)
Main status window can be minimized and maximized -- will remember between page refreshes.
All other windows can be minimized and maximized, and can be moved -- all settings will be remembered between
page refreshes.
- The Captcha Solver(tm) service is now available in the GreaseMonkey version too.
- There is now a minimum and maximum time allowed for captcha answers (user definable). If it's below the minimum, the script will simply wait until you reach the minimum.
New Version 5/28/09 (Version 2.25o):
- Moved block lists into one section of the preferences.
- Can now edit your "in your mob" lists.
- Now has an "enforcer" list.
- Fixed bug that made you keep fighting even though Mob Wars wouldn't allow you. (Mob Wars is part to blame for this one... Mob Wars still doesn't always update the health stats like it should...)
New Version 5/27/09 (Version 2.25n):
- There is now a MAX RETRY setting for the Captcha Solver captcha service. This defaults to 5, but can be anything from 0 (unlimited), and 1 thru 99. While this will hopefully never be needed, it's there just in case Mob Wars finds a way to throw a wrench into the system -- thus saving us from constant reloading until we'd adapt again (there is nothing Mob Wars can do that can keep us down for good)
- Script now knows the difference between "this user is" and "you are" "too weak to fight".... before it would treat both the same.
- Changes to how snipes work to accommodate the newest Mob Wars changes.
- Incomplete: Changes to fight and victim recording -- needed because of the changes in snipes as a result of the Mob Wars changes.
- AddOn Version - Updated script to be ready for next version of Captcha Solver. Next version (all 'behind the scenes' stuff) will actually be two systems integrated into one. One is just like now, very tolerant and will handle just about any captcha that Mob Wars throws our way, but somewhat slow (just makes it within the Mob Wars time limit). The new will be very fast, but not as tolerant. The new system will be used most, but the old will be ready to go (and periodically used) in case Mob Wars makes changes the fastest system won't handle. This new system will be slowly phased in over the next week.
New Version 5/26/09 (Version 2.25m):
- Changing the "memory" size of the "too weak" memory in preferences will automatically truncate the memory list if it is bigger then the setting you enter.
- Background healing updates bank account stats as it goes (a bit of an estimate, can be inaccurate over time if you haven't been directly in the hospital recently)
- Captcha Solver - ADD-ON VERSION ONLY
This script now takes advantage of the 'Captcha Solver(TM)' service. This service offers UNLIMITED captcha solves, for a flat monthly rate, and there is NO security risk that other services have had in the past. More information is available within the script itself.
This is currently only available in the AddOn version, and may (or may not) come to the GreaseMonkey version in the future.
This service is not perfect. While the accuracy rate is very high (98%+), it doesn't always make it within the time limit imposed by Mob Wars itself. So, overall, the success rate is lower. This, of course, should improve over time. Overall, the success rate is good, and I do use it myself.
New Version 5/17/09 (Version 2.25l):
- Fixed the 'too weak' listing in the status window. Could show the same mob name many times.
- Fixed error in the "memory" of the "too weak" to fight system. Was supposed to only remember 10, actually remembered 100...
- Made the "memory" size a user definable amount, defaulting to 10.
New Version 5/15/09 (Version 2.25k):
- Now avoids 'Too weak to fight' mobs on the fight list after you first get that message. Remembers the last 10 mobs that give you that message.
- (THIS was done, but per Tim's (MWCaptcha owner), has been removed again for now) MWCaptcha is back online, and this version works with the current system. HOWEVER, it is still .recommended. that you DO NOT use this service, as there is still a significant risk involved. But it is much safer then it was. Use at your own risk.
- Total fight wins and losses are now calculated on the fights list.
- Will not automatically refresh the fight screen if you attack someone manually while on the fight page and they are too week, or in your mob, etc. (as it does if you have the fighter drone on)
- Will learn, over time (as you attempt to fight them and fail) mobs that are in your mob, so it will no longer attempt to attack them. There is currently no way to edit this list manually, but will be in a near future version.
New Version 5/12/09 (Version 2.25j):
- Now, with the fighter drone, if no mob meets your criteria, you can choose to ignore one or more of your restrictions.
- Option to turn of auto healing while doing "admin" type stuff (checking the cities, stockpile, etc.)
- FIXED: Disable tab messes up the page routines.... Script couldn't tell which page it was on, so most functions didn't run.
- FIXED: A few error messages, related to preferences, would show up (correctly), but fail to stop updating the preferences with the incorrect entries.
- Can now use "background healing". Be sure to read the 'caveats' in the pop up help before you use this method.
- Corrected 'unused items' display -- wasn't showing weapons that were unused (at least not correctly). May have a small effect on the scripts calculated attack power (for your mob) and thus may have a small effect on your fighter drone color coding.
- Removed the limit on the Investment Bank properties as Mob Wars itself no longer has the limit.
- Predictive experience avoiding is now an option.
- A few modifications to the level up routines. Previously, in some circumstances it could cause the script to just rest at level up time, in other circumstances it could get "confused" as to what skill it was time to upgrade.
New Version 5/6/09 (Version 2.25i):
- Cleaned up the city check routines (less unnecessary screen refreshes/changes)
- Minor change to the auto city buy routines that will hopefully reduce the occurance of saying it will buy one thing, and then purchases something else.
- Corrected an error in the auto city buy routines that if you set the item limit of each property per purchase to 1, it would still buy 1 at a time, but wait until you had enough money for many more.
- Continued rework page traversal routines.
- Overhaul of the autostockpile routines. Now flows more "human like". Also is MUCH more aggressive in keeping your mob stocked. It will attempt to keep your mob up to date at all times, not just after a new mob member is added or removed. For this reason, you should turn this off BEFORE you upgrade, OR make sure you go to all stockpile pages BEFORE you upgrade. After you upgrade, if you turned this off, you can turn it back on and it will automatically go to all stockpile pages to get up to date.
- Captcha timers are back. --> Still recommend NOT using the MWCaptcha service for security reasons (see the forums)
- Fixed the "Test Sound" button in preferences. If you didn't have a sound already chosen and set in preference, it wouldn't let you test any of them. Now it should let you test regardless.
- Finally tracked down stamina and death waits getting canceled when you switch screens manually. This would only occur if the end of the stamina or death wait was the next thing in queue. There is a side effect of this fix -- at the end of the death wait, or the stamina wait, it may refresh the screen one unneeded time. And in the case of the death wait, it may go to the hospital one unneeded time.
- The Play Dead time can now be anywhere (randomly) between a max an min time, set in preferences, under hospital
- You can turn the display of the captcha in the status window and captcha prompt window, on and off. Under visible behavior in preferences.
- Caught up with the pop-up help (again)
- Added option to reset the User preferences database (all user preferences would go back to the defaults) It should also be noted that if you make any manual purchases, or sales, of stockpile or city items, you should REFRESH your screen afterwords, or the script may pick up the wrong cost for items (This is true of all versions)
New Version 5/3/09 (Version 2.25h):
- You can now have the fighter drone ignore mobs that are currently online.
- Script now tells you which city the next purchase is going to be in (if you have Auto City purchasing on)
- Fixed issue where, because of ajax, clicking on a ajax enabled item in Mob Wars, while the tab is disabled, adds another "#stop" to all links on a page.
- Fixed some issues with the pause system that crept in with the changes to handle the new ajax stuff
- Fixed the rather faulty fighter drone targeting that was introduced in 2.25f
- Major overhaul of some of the page movement routines. Please report any problems that may have resulted
New Version 5/1/09 (Version 2.25g):
- Correctly limits itself to 25 properites of the 'Investment Bank' to match the limit imposed by Mob Wars
New Version 5/1/09 (Version 2.25f):
- Fixed typo "Blocked for loses:" should be "Blocked for losses:"
- Improved snipe reply accounting for when hitlist page goes ajax
- Snipes replies are no longer shown with all highlighting/formating, etc., as in the past (they are now mostly just text as shown) -- the past method was causing high system load on the user computer. This new method should be much more system friendly.
- Fighter drone will now directly target those that give you greater then user setable amounts of money or exp based on past fights -- as long as all other settings still apply (ie, you haven't attacked them more then your max attack amount), and as long as they are on the fight list. Remembers up to 100 mobs of each type (money/exp) that have given you greater then the set amounts (list is reset whenever you change the minimum amounts)
- Updated the script to handle the multiple cities that Mob Wars has introduced (as for as maintaining inventory, tracking income, AND auto city purchases). It's still somewhat crude in how it does it, but it gets the job done (hopefully :) ).
- Changed the MWCaptcha response checking some.... Currently will no longer check if the response is all numbers even if it's a all number captcha. Still checks length.
- For now, the timeouts on entering captchas have been disabled.
New Version 4/28/09 (Version 2.25e):
- Fixed safe mode bounty kill recording
- Previous version fixed most looping issues with healing at the hospital, but not all. This one should have those "loopholes in the looping" fixed.
- Fixed payroll time problem on city screen. Now picks up the correct time again.
- More repair to city page errors regarding input fields.
- Fixed the error with the Auto City purchase routines relating to the undeveloped land.
New Version 4/28/09 (Version 2.25d):
- Added 'You were unable to attack this user' to the list of responses that reloads the fight page.
- Reloading the fight list (under the 'unable to attack' etc. conditions) now follows the delay parameters correctly.
- The reloading under the above parameters only effect the fight page (before, theoretically, you could get one of those messages on a profile page, or on the hitlist, and the script would take you away to the fight page because of it)
- Added another 'strange' address that shows up to the list of address to recover from ('apps.facebook.com/mobwars/hitlist/hitlist')
- Fixed auto heal routines after yet the latest Mob Wars change
- Fixed city page error after purchasing or selling city items that occurred from the latest Mob Wars changes.
- Does not record bounty hunting KILLS when in safe mode
New Version 4/27/09 (Version 2.25c):
- Repaired "FaceBook error reload"
- Increaased size of input for play dead health (from 3 digits to 4)
- Repaired fight recording, will record correctly all fights now.
- Reloads fight page if you attempt to attack a mob that is "too weak to fight", "in your own mob", etc.
- Redid how the script notices changes on the screen (ajax) Should be a bit more consistent and trouble free.
- Corrected the "ever sinking" fight page/stockpile page issue (page would sink one line every time you fought, bought something)
- Made more repairs to the autostockpile routines.
- Snipping is back
New Version 4/26/09 (Version 2.25a/b):
-Issue where new users or database reset could keep script from functioning
-Jobs now function correctly again
-Fighter drone operates correctly (see below) again
-Script keeps up with Ajax Mob Wars changes, and clicking links manually won't leave the script behind KNOWN ISSUES:
-Snipping is temporarily DISABLED -- will be back soon.
-Fight recording is not accurate at the moment. Will have missing and wrong data. As a result, avoiding mobs who don't give enough $ or exp will not function as expected.
-Reloading on facebook error does not currently function correctly.
New Version 4/23/09 (Version 2.21a):
- Repaired fighter drone forced mode
- Made a change to the donation username entry form -- fixing a discrepency between the database and the form that caused
problems for really long user names.
- AutoCity purchases can now be user defined as up to how many to purchase in a group (up to 10 at a time)
- Can now choose if you want the script to ignore your minimum bounty settings when at full stamina or not.
- Play dead will no longer auto heal at the end if bounty hunting or the fighter drone are not active.
New Version 4/21/09 (Version 2.20q):
- Randomized check after new mobsters for the auto inventory routine.
- Changed inventory routines to take advantage of the categories preset by Mob Wars
- Going to the pawn shop, after the recent Mob Wars changes, could have made the script forget what weapons you have. This has been fixed.
- Fixed the autobuy routine to again buy miniguns before turret humvees (after the last Mob Wars change, the script would buy miniguns, but forget the turret humvees)
- Can now set how many mobs you want 'remembered' when determining if you've fought a mob X times already.
- User preferences have been moved out of the 'boss' database. Now you can reset the boss database without having to reset all your preferences.
- Removed the user delay between snipes -- only seems to bring additional captchas and cause other problems.
- Updated the 'disable tab' routines to be a little more user friendly (will now disable and reenable on the same page, won't force you to the home page or anywhere else)
- Links in the fight list and victim list now retain the disabled or enabled status of the tab.
- Changed the way return snipes are accounted for -- Mob Wars is no longer returning snipes in anywhere near the same order as they are sent out. Should be more reliable in determining the last actual reply, so that the current captcha is better obtained.
- Can now turn off the new property, new job, and new stockpile checks -- eeach under there respective preference areas (AutoCity, Jobs, Auto Stockpile)
New Version 4/18/09 (Version 2.20p):
- Changes to fix the 'disapearing' tactical shotgun (the script could sometimes forget you owned it)
- Fixed the level up routine so it doesn't just freeze at the end.
New Version 4/18/09 (Version 2.20o):
- There have been reports that the Mob Wars Devs may be using the "system glitch" of randomly changing levels to weed out scripts somewhat (a rather haphazard and almost pointless task I'd say, but.... ). This version now randomizes the order it checks things on a new level to help combat this.
- Can now adjust the timing of your snipes -- how long to wait after a potential bounty is found, and how long between the snipes.
- Now redirects to the correct location when Mob Wars errors and sends you to the wrong page after bounty hunting in safe mode.
- Mob Wars finally fixed their inaccuracy in the My Mob size display vs. what was actually used. The "correction" needed in the script to make up for that accuracy that used to exist has now been removed.
- Fixed the recording error when manually attacking a mob on the fight screen or profile screen.
- Updated stockpile routines for the new mobwars changes. This effected a LOT behind the scenes... so there may be some
residual problems. Let me know if you find any.
- Also fixed the job list screen errors that actually resulted from the stockpile changes.
New Version 4/16/09 (Version 2.20n):
- Fixed error in collecting mob name when you kill someone while bounty hunting that occured in some cases (mainly if bounty hunting manually)
- Fixed the lack of any recording of victim kills on the hitlist.
- Will no longer try and deposit "earnings" from a job that doesn't have any (prep jobs, etc.).
- Can now turn the "Add FaceBook Friend" links on/off for the fight page
- Fixed fight list/victim list recording error that would occur if you fought a mob, manually, using the 'attack' button on the fight page.
- Fighter drone will now avoid those that are to weak to fight.
- Increased the max bounty that can be entered by two zeros.... This has not been fully tested -- the larger number
could conceiveably cause problems for those that enter them (it shouldn't, but it could) Let me know if you see anything weird happen as a result. Should have no effect on those that don't need those larger numbers.
- Updated the snipe routines to handle the Mob Wars change from using the get method to the post method. The script will now handle either type, at any time, that mobwars may require it.
- The problem with occasionally picking up your own mob as the one you beat in a battle, which was due to a Mob Wars error actually, is also accounted for now.
New Version 4/09/09 (Version 2.20m):
- Corrected a 'loophole' that could keep mobs on your 'possible target' list when low experience or low money results would have otherwise made them ones to avoid.
- Made it more consistent in showing feedback with the drone running.
- Rounded the experience shown on the fight list page (when the option is on), so there shouldn't be any more of the really long decimal places that sometimes show up.
- Fixed a couple minor visual errors with the fight and victim lists.
- Added a URL extension (#stop) that will kill the script -- to work better with Tim's Mob Wars Discussion Enhancer and
other possible future scripts. The status window will still open and update, but no actions will be performed.
- Initial log system is put in place. Not everything is logged as it should be yet, but it's getting there. The 'change log' link, that never really materialized into something useful, is now a 'log' link. Click on it to see the log. Logging is OFF by default, but can be turned on under preferences. You can also set it to log everything (in which case you may have a lot of "reloading hitlist", etc., entries), or "Main Actions/Errors" (which doesn't record all main actions yet, but many of them), or "Errors Only" (which currently only records one error that may occur with the fighter drone, but probably will never show up). More recording will be added over time. Lastly you can set how long a log list you want maintained -- remember, the more loggin that is done, the more overhead you add for the script to process. In most cases, this overhead is negligable though.
- Can now, partially, change the order of things on the status window. Currently, the only two options are 'standard' (which is the normal), and 'Queue on top' (which puts the queue on the top of the window). More options may eventually come, but could use input on what other orders people may want.
- Can now disable the script on individual tabs. Will remain disabled on a particular tab until you leave mob wars, or click on a BUTTON in the Mob Wars game (hitlist user, do a job, heal, etc.) Clicking on MOST links IN THE GAME should keep it disabled on that tab (must allow the script time to update links before you click on them -- in general, if the status window is showing, you've waited long enough). Clicking on bank, heal, or any links to user mobs found in the script windows will, at the current time, break the disabling on that tab. There is some danger in using this feature, so use at your own risk.
- Caught up with the popup help again.
New Version 4/05/09 (Version 2.20l):
- Changed the fight drone exp handling from using "Total Exp/(Win+Loses)" to "Total Exp/Wins".
- Added the same type of option for Money.
- The auto banking of money after collecting a certain amount from fights (not bounties) now includes money won from fights on the hitlist (where you didn't kill the person, but won the fight)
- Added average experience obtained to the markings you can have put on the fight list page (Total Exp/Wins)
- Previously, the fighter drone would only give you feedback on who was blocked if you had nobody to fight at all. Now it will give some feedback on who was blocked even if you do fight someone.
- Fixed some of the font size issues that resulted from changes to the Mob Wars game output itself.
New Version 4/02/09 (Version 2.20k):
- Hardened the bounty hunting routines a bit more to avoid any 'trickery' on Mob Wars part.
- More fine tuning of play dead.
..- If you have Auto heal off (set to 0), it won't autoheal when your playdead time is finished (unless you cancel the death wait manually)
..- If you are waiting for stamina, and Auto heal while waiting for stamina is on, play dead will last 5 seconds longer, at minimum, then the stamina wait time.
..- Now you automatically heal if you click the 'cancel play dead wait'
..- If your health is so low that healing once won't get you back above your 'play dead health' setting, you may have to click on it again until your health is back above your play dead health.
..- Max play dead wait is 55% of your max health
- Added some more specific targeting to the fighter drone.
..- You can now set a minimum experience you want to gain from a mob. If you fight a mob, and you get less experience then this from them, then it will avoid fighting them again in the future. Defaults to 'No' (off) and '0' experience minimum.
..- This is tied into the fight list record. If you clear the fight list record, memory of experience obtained from previous fights is also erased.
- Can now have the script mark the fight list with wins and loses against each mob that you've fought before. Defaults to 'No' (off). Again, this is tide into the fight list record.
- Sped up the popup help routine.
New Version 3/28/09 (Version 2.20j.a):
- Fixed the inadvertent disabling of the mob id tracking/blocking on the fighter drone that crept into 2.20i
New Version 3/28/09 (Version 2.20j):
- Minor adjustment to snipe routines (internal)
- Redid hospital routines so 'heal to max' won't override Auto Heal off settings (waiting for stamina, 'dead', etc.) -- Unless you start the healing process, then it MAY heal to max even if your are playing dead (not if waiting for stamina).
- # of snipes can now automatically vary up to 1 or 2 times. Defaults to ON, varying +/- 1. Will never snipe more then the max allowed (3 snipes; 6 snipes for donators)
- Donators now can snipe up to 6 times.
- .Should. now record 'kills' from normal fights (ie, not from the hitlist). Will record on the Victim list with a 'F' and a bounty of '$0'.
- Playing dead function now automatically heals after the dead period is over.
New Version 3/26/09 (Version 2.20i):
- Increased the accuracy of the snipes -- they should more effectively track any changes Mob Wars may make.
- Made the fight routines more robust (again, mainly to track Mob Wars changes).
- Last version truncated any responses from the MWCaptcha service to the length set in preferences. Now, anything longer then what is set in preferences is assumed wrong instead of just truncated.
- Can now 'play dead' if your health drops to a certain level.
- Did some 'repair' work on the wait for stamina functions. Shouldn't cancel when it shouldn't, and should cancel when it should, more consistently now. Now should consistently halt bounty hunter and fighter drone equally.
New Version 3/25/09 (Version 2.20g):
Just a general release of the below betas. Also available for GreaseMonkey version.
New Version 3/25/09 (Version 2.20f.a (beta)):
►Only available as AddOn
- Refresh timer randomizer now defaults to ON.
- Captcha checking perferences added. You can set a max length a captcha can be (defaults to 3). And you can choose if you want the captcha checked for validity or not (only works for MWCaptcha at the moment, doesn't check your own input) (defaults to enabled).
New Version 3/25/09 (Version 2.20f (beta)):
►Only available as AddOn
- Put in checks for the rare occasions where the script may want to withdraw (or deposit) less then the $1000 minimum allowed by Mob Wars itself. Now will change any requests to a minimum of 1000, or fail as gracefully as possible if you don't have enough money to do so.
- Added limited AutoStock purchase functionality. If you don't have enough money at the time it checks(cash and bank) it forgets about it until the next time it checks. Only checks when a new mob member is added (or removed). Ignores minimum bank preferences.
- Added a lot of error checking on the editing/changing/adding/removing/gathering info code... of course, with error checking and avoiding some errors, brings other errors.... Let me know of any new ones (none of the 'avoided' errors should even need avoiding if Mob Wars doesn't change/give garbage. But in cases that it does, the script should handle it better. HOPEFULLY this doesn't cause other database problems, etc. ie, couldn't collect some data, but now can collect other data we wouldn't have been able to if the first error occurred... and then they don't agree.... Would probably have to be some pretty weird circumstances, but let me know if they show up)
- Added option to use the alert prompt, or the new system (with sound off), as on option. Defaults to use the new system.
- In strange cases, a victim could show up on the victim list twice, once showing as by "snipe", and once as by "safe", if
Mob Wars sent the kill message twice. There is now filtering to watch for this.
- Did some rearranging of Preference setting groups.
- Added a randomizer for the timer delay. Defaults to off, may be turned on under Time Delay preferences. Just various the time delays plus or minus 1 second. Currently only has an effect on the bounty hunting and fighter drone.
- Added some handling to one other response from MWCaptcha.
- Fixed the 'undefined at undefined' that sometimes occurs when the AutoCity purchase goes to buy a property.
- Did some better error checking on preference inputs. Everyone should probably check there preferences to make sure nothing automatically changed on them. Not everything is error checked as well as maybe it should be yet though.
New Version 3/22/09 (Version 2.20e):
- New option, under Bank Preferences, to deposit money after fights. There is also a minimum fight deposit amount.
..- Total amount won from fights ads up until you reach your minimum set, then deposits. If this option is set.
- Did some streamlining of the script. Many functions, appearance related mainly, are now postponed until later in the script, or until needed, to improve the speed in performing time critical actions (mainly hitting on the hitlist) (on most computers, we are talking just a millesecond or two of time improvement....)
- Put some timers into the script for taking actions... If an action isn't performed as it's supposed to in 15 seconds, it trys going to 'http://apps.facebook.com/mobwars/'. Hopefully this will "unlock" a locked up firefox.... May not always work -- in my experience, when FireFox locks up, it will let you leave to another page, but will refuse to go back to the page that originally locked up.... But maybe this will work for some of the time at least. There is good evidence that these safety timers won't even have any effect at all (and may never even start).. But they are now there for the remote chance.
- Fixed error that kept the "Are You Human" input disabled, if sound was ON and the MWCaptcha was ENABLED and returned an error.
- The AddOn version wasn't working when the FaceBook common page came up (as the GM version does). This is corrected.
- Added timeouts to the MWCaptcha service.
- Added sound to the Pause Mobster, as an option.
- Option to cancel bounty hunting after X minutes (minimum 10) if a captcha is not answered in that length of time. ONLY works with sound ON at the moment. This way, if you aren't there to answer the captcha, you can at least keep going and do jobs, etc. Use with caution, missing to many captchas can't be a good thing. Only works with the NUMBER captcha (the other wouldn't do any good).
..- If MWCaptcha fails with an Transaction ID error, it will reload the screen and try the process again. If MWCaptcha keeps failing, it could end up in a loop of failures.
..>>>>>> If this works well, and there are minimal objections, it will be moved to work with sound off too.
.....>>>>>>>> BUT this will mean that the prompt alert for captchas will be GONE and replaced with the same style alert/system as sound has right now.
- Fixed bug that was introduced with the addition of "heal to max" -- it could miss that you don't have enough money in the
bank to heal and end up in a loop.
New Version 3/21/09 (Version 2.20d):
- Fixed job preference issue: If you changed your job, and the job delay, in the same preference screen visit, it would only actually change the job (not the delay).
- The heal button was partially broken in the last release (you needed to click it twice if you were not already on the hospital page)
- Added sound options for when a captcha appears. There are, currently, 8 different sound choices, using three different methods (plus 'none' for no sound). If you choose to use sound, the prompt for answering captchas disappears, but a "built in" version then exists. Also, if you choose to use sound, the title of the page will also change back and forth when a captcha appears, to help you notice the tab you need to access (if you are on another tab, etc.) The three sound methods used:
......Java: There is one option for this. A beep. You can set how many times it should repeat. This is built into the script, and as long as your system has Java installed, should work.
......Midi: Typically would use the quicktime plugin, but any will do (even if you use quicktime, you'll probably still have to go into QuickTime's preferences, under browser, and then mime types, and enable midi.) This is one fairly high pitched note. Again, you can set how many times it should repeat. This is built into the script, and if you have a plugin that handles midi, should work.
......Flash: There are 6 options for this. All are short, repeating, musical rephranes. This will work if you have flash installed. These are NOT built into the script, and are hosted on external servers. If the servers are down, or otherwise unaccessible, this will fail (gracefully -- You just won't hear anything). Also, since they are hosted externally, the musical rephrane you pick may actually change at a future date without notice. These will repeat from the time they start until you either manually ask it to stop, or answer the captcha (or change pages, close your browser, etc.)
- Added two more time delay settings: 1 for bounty hunting, 1 for fighter drone. All timer related preferences are under 'Time Delay Preferences' on the preference screen. Both of these new timer delays are used only for page refreshes. Getting to the correct page is still controlled by the default timer delay. For Bounty Hunting the timer controls just the refresh, and obviously will still attack as fast as possible otherwise. The fighter drone refresh will delay attacks for this period as well.
- Donators now not only get AdFree, but the timer delays can be reduced from 4 to 2 seconds (still somewhat beta. Please let me know, at Scripts@SecureWorldHosting.com, if any problems exist)
- There is now a 'heal to max' setting under Health Preferences. Defaults to 'yes'. If you fall below your minimum automatic healing health setting, and this option is on, you will heal to over the max health allowed by the game (60%).
..- There is a side effect. If this option is on, it will automatically heal you to max whenever you are at the hospital screen (with the exception if auto heal is off), whether or not you've previously fallen below your minimum. New Version 3/18/09 (Version 2.20c):
- Made the bank button optional (under preferences, visible preferences)
- Made the heal button optional (under preferences, visible preferences)
- Enhanced Hit and Fight list blocks. Now you can set a ratio of win/fights that you need to fall below before the enemy
mob would be added to the block list. The defaults keep the same effective functionality of the previous versions.
- Enhanced the fighter drone color coding. There is now a percentage modifier. If an enemy mob allocated 3 of 3 skill
points, every level, to defense X% of the time(your modifier), and you can beat that, then it will be green. If they
allocated 2 of 3 points, every level, to defense X% of the time(your modifier), and you can beat that, then it will be
white. If they had allocated just 1 of 3 points, every level, to defense X% of the time(your modifier), and you can
beat that then it will be yellow. Defaults to 95%, but realistically may be lower (better to be safe then sorry),
but could be higher.
- Now have an option to also have AutoHeal turn off when paused for stamina regeneration. In order to have any effect,
turn 'Automatically turn off Automatic healing if not auto fighting or bounty hunting' must also be on. I could make
them totally seperate, but I don't see the point of having it shut off during stamina regeneration, if you don't also
want it off when not auto fighting and bounty hunting anyway. If I'm wrong on that, let me know. The option(s) are
under Health Preferences.
- Changed the order that the script checks various tasks, to better allow for shutting off AutoHeal when stamina is
..- Known, unimportant, side effect is the Fighter Drone preferences are now near the top of the preference screen
.....- this is probably a more appropriate place for it anyway.
..- There may be unknown side effects. I don't forsee any, but if you notice some, please let me know.
- Stockpile purchase links: Will now buy needed items (ie, will buy miniguns if you buy Turret-Humvees), as needed.
..- Will also go to the bank to get money if needed.
..- Near future version will do so automatically as your mob grows (if you so desire)
- There is now an option to block the FaceBook presence bar (the lower bar on each page). This bar (mainly the chat
on it) has been known to cause problems. This is found under FaceBook Preferences.
- There is now a pause mobster, to remind you that you're paused. Will show up any time the script is paused, AND it's
waiting to do something (including just to refresh the screen -- ie, inactivity refresh). He may be in the way at
800x600 resolutions -- future versions may move him when needed. May also be turned off in preferences, under Visible
- Added popup help for areas that were missing (mainly database maintenance items) Let me know if I'm still missing some.
- Fixed the GodFatherL issue (probably). Another one of those meaningless errors, but was annoying to see.
- Fixed: PopUp's, home page add friend links, hitlist and rig ignition links, all didn't show up, and it wouldn't check
for updates, unless there was an action in queue.... That's now fixed.
New Version 3/14/09 (Version 2.20b):
- fixed failure to update bank account on status screen when you autoheal
- Added user preferences job delay
- Added 'IP_TAKEN' as a possible response from MWCaptcha service.
- Added user preference godfather point untouchable amount.
- Fixed message error when sniping but not multi-targeting
- Fixed a bug that kept the AK-47 Grenade Launcher from getting into the itemlist, but it did get into the inventory list
...-- this was also a cause for why the stockpile recommendations were off (but there were other reasons)
...-- For those with a lot of AK-47 Grenade Launchers, this could have an effect on your attack strength, and as
......such you may have to take another look at the defense modifier you have in your preferences for the fighter drone.
► The stockpile recommendations are still causing trouble. Use them with skepticism (ie, verify before you act)
Currently, the only known way it is off is if you have Tactical shotgun(s) or Ak47, but no Weson or Doubl Barrel.
- The stockpile recommendations have been revamped again. Let me know if this works better or not...
- The groundwork is being laid for purchasing stockpile items as needed. Currently, you can go to the stockpile screen,
..and there will now be a link to buy the suggested items. Eventually, this will still exist but will also have the
..option to purchase stockpile items as your mob grows, automatically.
..-- CAVEATS of the current state of the implementation:
........Will NOT go get cash from the bank for you. You must have the cash on hand or it will fail (gracefully).
........Will NOT purchase required items (Will not purchase miniguns first if you are getting the Turret-Humvee)
...............-- The groundwork is there for it to do so, just not yet completed.
........These caveats will be dealt with in a later version.
- Add database reset options to preference so Addon also has the options (this is in the GM version too though)
- Fixed the popup helps not always showing up immediately for new users
- Added back auto city purchase minimum bank (can't be less then bank minimum) (it's under bank preferences)
New Version 3/11/09 (Version 2.20a):
►Applies to BOTH the AddOn and GreaseMonkey versions.
►►Be sure to upgrade the version that is right for you!
- Repaired the jail routine so it would pause the script when you get put in jail.
- AddOn Specific: Fixed all bugs (not also in the script version)
- Script Specific: Now has the AD FREE option (for donation) that has been in the AddOn
- The GodFather routines are now functional. You can set it up for the script to ask for anything available. (But why you
would do it for anything other then special weapon, hired guns, or insider, I don't know... Did I mention hired guns?)
- Rig ignition link -- similar to "withdraw money and hitlist user' link
- Option to keep a minimum amount in the bank.
►The preference option from the Auto City Purchase preferences for bank minimum has been moved to the bank preferences. And the option now is a minimum that the script will keep in the bank for any purpose (unless you are commanding it to with a Rig Ignition, or hitlist user selection, etc. And, of course, to heal). It will also check to make sure this minimum is still in the bank after script performed healing -- if it isn't, it will automatically add more money, if available, to bring it back up to this level. It ONLY checks after SCRIPT performed healing, to avoid any conflicts with actions you want to manually take with the money (stockpile purchases, etc.)
New Version 3/7/09:
** WORKS with the newest GreaseMonkey (2/18/09) (No special install/uninstall requirements! Just install and forget!)
- Changed the inactivity refresh to refresh to same profile page if you're sitting on someone's page other then
your own. (Previously, if you stopped at someone's profile page, the inactivity timer would refresh the page in a way
that always sent you to your own profile page. Now it will stay on the same profile page as you stopped on)
- Gave the fighter drone an option to do "up to" color instead of just color. Will first try the color you choose, then the next weeker, then the next weeker, whenever possible.
- Added "Buy max of 10 undeveloped land" option, default to yes.
__- There are still some questions about beachfront property! See the forums about it.
- Increased the visible precision of the ROR for each property.
- Increased the internal script precision even farther.
- Changed MWCaptcha response handling to handle the new "OFFLINE" response... hopefully I'll be notified of additions
ahead of time in the future.
- Added option to show 'Add Facebook Friend' link to the homepage news items.
- Corrected the 'reset time limit now' victim list entries, cause by the facebook chat system. Shouldn't erroneously record those now.
- Corrected an error that almost always caused the fight list not to record a won fight while bounty hunting.
- MobWar insider timings have been accounted for. There isn't anything on the MobWars page that the script can use to determine if you are an insider or not, so you need to tell it yourself (both when you become one, and when you are no longer one). This option is under preferences, and for lack of a better place under 'Godfather Preferences'.
- Diagnostic status display is condensed a small amount.
- Finally got rid of the kludge that made the script work with the new GreaseMonkey. Now it works without the kludge, while keeping the backwards compatibility.
New Version 3/3/09 #3:
** WORKS with the newest GreaseMonkey (2/18/09)(see above)
- A couple more fixes for the MobWars changes
New Version 3/3/09 #2:
** WORKS with the newest GreaseMonkey (2/18/09)(see above)
**** This version has NOT gone thru proper testing before release! It's rushed out the door to get it out there because of
the changes that MobWars made. There may be errors! Please report them if you find them.
- Changed exp calculations... instead use the table provided by GNomad:
1 - 14 = 800 exp total
15 - 114 = 300 exp per level
115 - 314 = 500 exp per level
315 - 514 = 1,000 exp per level
515 - 664 = 2,000 exp per level
665 - 764 = 4,000 exp per level
765 - 889 = 8,000 exp per level
890 - 2399 = 10,000 exp per level
2400 - Beyond = 25,000 exp per level
- MobWars made another change... Updated to work correctly with the new changes.
New Version 3/3/09:
*** Opps, uploaded twice because the first upload had a version # actually prior to last version ***
Just a bug fix version
** WORKS with the newest GreaseMonkey (2/18/09)(see above)
- FIXED 'Utils.getElementsByClassName("announcement", P)[0]' error when on anyone's profile page other then yourself.
- FIXED leveling-up routine messing with CheckFight routine... I hope.
- LevelUp routine shouldn't bounce pages anymore... was yet another sideffect of using the profile page to levelup
instead of the boss page.
- Made some changes to how script determines what page it's on, to better address the profile page issues
- Experience required to levelup now records correctly at levelup in most situations.
New Version 3/2/09:
** WORKS with the newest GreaseMonkey (2/18/09)(see above)
Mainly a bug and feature fix version
- Fixed MWCaptcha service web domain link -- no more invalid certificate notices
- Changed levelup routine to work with correct page.
- Now picks up the new MobWars captcha system.
- MWCaptcha is back in, and is up and running for both the old and the new captcha system.
REMEMBER, do not answer your own captchas IF you have MWCaptcha enabled. If you are there and able to
answer your captchas, disable MWCaptcha!
- Changed Victim and Fight list, MWCaptcha window, and preferences window to remain fixed.
- Repaired popup helps to also take into account page scroll.
- Fixed 'reload on FaceBook error' routine.
New Version 2/27/09:
** WORKS with the newest GreaseMonkey (2/18/09)(see above)
- Fixed fighter drone override issue where if you turned off the fighter drone while the override was active, it would still be active when you turned the fighter drone back on, regardless of stamina.
- The captcha answer form is now DISABLED if you turn on MWCaptcha. Answering the capcha's yourself, while you have the system enabled, is messing up the MWCaptcha system apparently. If you're there and able to answer the captchas, turn off MWCaptcha.
- Repaired victim list entries while snipping -- should now record.
- Shouldn't show an error in the status window when a captcha is found when not snipping. The error was never anything important, but made people worry for nothing.
- Compressed the status window a small degree....
- Added Exp display (can be turned on in preferences, under visible preferences) -- The percentage displayed may be WRONG until you go thru one levelup.
- A large amount of 'instructions' have been added to this version, to help newbies figure it out. The help 'popups' can be turned off by going to preferences, 'visible behavior preferences'.
- REMOVED MWCaptcha for the timebeing -- the service has shut down for now -- some server issues. The code is still ready to be put right back in when it becomes available again.
- The fightlist wasn't picking up won battles done on the hitlist while snipping.
New Version 2/23/09:
** WORKS with the newest GreaseMonkey (2/18/09)(see above)
- Fixed: Stockpile recommendation mistakes (with "special" weapons, etc.)
- Now also shows your true attack/defense power on the fight screen, and is correctly used for the color coding.
- Created seperate versioning scheme from timestamp
- Added the exact version to main screen (instead of the generic "V2.0")
- Moved MWCaptcha preferences into main preferences (old preference screen still works for now)
- Now can choose to have your bounty value displayed on the main status window (option in preferences, visible settings)
- Changed victim and fight lists so header and footers are always showing.
- Gave the Fighter Drone an override mode. Force Fighter Drone mode if at full stamina, keep fighting until stamina
reaches X, then switch back to bounty hunting until stamina reaches full power again. Fighter Drone must be enabled.
New Version 2/21/09 #2:
** WORKS with the newest GreaseMonkey (2/18/09)(see above)
- Changed the fighter drone code to fight by the max and min settings for size and level of your opponent, AND the color
code (if desired) -- as opposed to what used to be OR.
- Corrected the donation button... Before paypal wanted to charge shipping, and wanted your shipping address. It should
no longer ask for these things.
- Added option to turn off autoheal when NOT using the drone or hitlisting.
New Version 2/21/09:
** WORKS with the newest GreaseMonkey (2/18/09)(see above)
- Redid the preference screen. All the categories now expand and contract as needed (click on them) Also made it
so the update preferences button is alway visible.
- Fixed a typo... reseting the inventory list via the Greasemonkey User Script Commands options never worked....
- Preferences screen now contracts and expands each part as needed.
- Increaesd the max allowed input for 'untouchable' cash for the autocity buy routines...
- Can now fight by color codes (choose a color to attack on the fight list, based on the color coding the script
performs on the fight screen)
- The color coding has been REVAMPED! Same color codes, whole new process in figuring them out. Your mob's attack
strength, including weapons, etc., IS factored in. Obviously, your opponents is NOT -- Except YOU can enter a modifier
(defaults to 0) that will be applied for EACH member in your opponent's mob. This modifier would normally be
whatever the defense total of the weapons/armor/etc. that each mob member of your opponent's mob might use. (For
instance, if at your mob level you believe the average mob member only has a baseball bat, the attack modifier
would be 1. If you think it would be a ChevyTac .408, Tacticle Armor, and Turret-Armed Humvee, the modifier should be
45). You WILL need to adjust your modifier as you go thru the MobWars game in order to keep the color coding as
accurate as possible.
KEEP IN MIND that currently the script reads 'special' items incorrectly (items you can't purchase but are given).
Your attack power used in the color codings will not, currently, use these special weapons, and will instead use the
best purchased weapons that you have (so your attack ability might be better then the script calculates)
New Version 2/19/09 #3:
** WORKS with the newest GreaseMonkey (2/18/09)(see above)
- Fixed a bug that made the max mob level and size options reset to min level and size -- also caused some other
unexpected behaviors.
- Added sorting of fight list by opponent name.
New Version 2/19/09 #2:
** WORKS with the newest GreaseMonkey (2/18/09)(see above)
Should fix the job problem that arised with MobWars adding a new job.... I'm not 100% convinced I've got all
the problems with it worked out.... But it should at the very least allow the other jobs to work again (for
those of you that it stopped it).
New Version 2/19/09:
** WORKS with the newest GreaseMonkey (2/18/09)(see above)
Nothing new. Just an update to make functional in the new version of Greasemonkey. see above.
It is a bit of a 'kludge' to get it to work for now, but there .should. be no problems. A more properly
fixed version (as far as the new GreaseMonkey is concerned) will be put out later.
New Version 2/18/09:
** This version, and ALL previous versions, do not work with the newest Greasemonkey also released today.
- When snipping, a 'safety net' timeout is put in place (currently hardcoded to 75 seconds) in case MobWars doesn't send responses to all your snipes, or if something goes wrong in parsing the information for the fight and victim lists. Previously, when things went right, that timeout and the reload hitlist timeout could both show up in the status window. Now the safety net timeout is canceled after successful completion of the snipping, so only the reload shows in the status window.
- Better filter in victim list update for during snipping -- should improve filtering out the duplicate replies from snipping that occasionally cause double entries in the victim list
- Better error handling when parsing the replies from MobWars, while snipping, to get information. Still won't always get it all, but less likely to crash while doing it.
- Corrected erroneous message in status window whenever attacking mob(s) with snipping and multitarget turned on.
- finished integrating MWCaptcha service. This is an EXTERNAL SERVICE that I have nothing to do with (except for putting their code into this script). If it works, or doesn't, and what it costs, or doesn't, is beyond my control.
***There will now be a small area on the top of the screen, where the facebook bar is, that deals with the MWCaptcha
***service. You can click on "MWCaptcha" to edit the preferences. Click 'Disabled' to enable, and 'Enable' to disable.
***And click on "Points Avail" to update points available (it will automatically keep up to date, and verify with the
***MWCaptcha server once ever 30 minutes while enabled).
- Redid how the hitlistblock list and fightlistblock list are handled. Now, 1) it should 'look' better in the preference screen (it will word-wrap correctly now). 2) There should be no 'false' positives (in .very. rare occasions a false positive could occur previously). And 3) Dupes are now checked for, and deleted, on leaving the preference screen.
- Will auto add to the hitlist block list even if snipse are on now. May occasionally put duplicate entries into the list (and, of course, miss some), but the duplicates should be removed on exiting the preference screen.
- Corrected the autodeposit after payroll (?) Hopefully won't "forget" anymore...
- Added a 'upper limit' to the mob level you attack on fight list.
New Version 2/15/09:
- Fixed a bug keeping you from fighting in safe mode if multitarget was also on.
- Made it a bit more reliable in depositing bounties after aquired while snipping (still won't be 100%,
same reason(s) as why data collection for the fight and victim lists is less reliable)
- Added max times to attack one mob in fight list (won't attack the mob if you've already done it X times).
Only remembers the last thirty mobs you've attacked in a FIFO (first in, first out) list. (A mob only counts as one,
even if you've attacked it 20 times).
New Version 2/14/09:
- Snipping is back in. Because of MobWar changes, these are still unreliable, but they do occasionally get thru. So,
I've put them back in, along with our experimental attacking more then one target options. *Most* data from the
snipes will still be recorded on the fight and victim lists, but because of the nature of how they work, some could
get lost/unrecorded, or have the wrong links associated with the fights/victims in the lists (ie, the list could show
one person, but the link takes you to someone else). You also wiil have less feedback that you've attacked
someone on your attacks, etc.
- Will now record most information for the fight list on fights initiated from the 'attack' button on the fight page
- Auto fighting is finally in the script! It only goes by what mob sizes you enter in preferences (for now).
New Version 2/11/09:
Very minor changes in this one
- Fixed (one of the) error(s) with 'R is undefined'... The script may fail, sometimes, to collect your experience and the amount you win in fights. But it shouldn't kill the script anymore. Not sure why this is only affecting some people.
- Fixed the dancing captcha box at the top of the status window... Showed up often, even though it had nothing to show.
- Changed the coding so that the false 'AVG virus' warning should be gone now (I don't have AVG, so I hope it's fixed anyway)
New Version 2/10/09:
- Revamped the fight helper (color coding on MobWars fight page) .slightly. It's probably still to 'green' or 'red' (safe
or not safe).
- Strengthened up the error handling slightly...
New Version 2/9/09:
- Reworked how auto banking was changed to work so that autocity purchases would occur before money would be autodeposited.
Seemed it caused some people to get stuck in the bank. .Hopefully. that's fixed now.
- Changed the system pause to work over refresh (for the cases that you hit the pause button after an action was already
started, or you want to do some things without the script interfering)
- Added reset options (on the little greasemonkey (if using firefox) right click, go to User Script Commands, and
options are there. Now you don't have to reset your victim and fight lists to reset the rest of the databases
(if/when something goes haywire)
New Version 2/8/09 #2:
- The error in the preference screen that crept into the version put out an hour ago has been corrected.
- Embarrassments of embarrassments.... There was also an auto update error in the version put out an hour ago (it wouldn't
check if new update(s) were available). This should also be corrected now.
New Version 2/8/09:
- FIXED: - The calculation, for display, of how much you still need for the Auto City Purchase function doesn't show the
correct amount needed if you don't have your preferenced minimums yet. The internal routines get it right though.
- Changed behavior of turning on auto deposit after payroll and jobs. Now, if you have cash in hand when you turn it
on, it doesn't automatically get deposited.
- FIXED: Skill level up error - when you were done leveling up, it would error out because of a screen change and wouldn't
start back up until you moved to a new screen.
- Moved not recorded dates to bottom of list on victim list.
- ADDED: Option to have the FaceBook error page reroute back to MobWars after 5 seconds-- If you use this function, since
all FaceBook apps use the same common error page, all will route back to MobWars. Upgraders MIGHT have to go to
greasemonkey's manage scripts option, and add "http://www.facebook.com/common/error.html" as one of the included pages.
New users should get this set automatically.
- ADDED: Added a delay for when you hit the 'heavily rate limited' message (not fully tested)
- FIXED/RE-ADDED: - Remembers who was attacked on hitlist over refresh, so system can once again pick up userid/link of
the person you attacked on the hitlist so it can be put on the fightlist. Works only on auto hits (nobody you hit
manually, those will still pick up the name, but not the link to the person).
- FIXED: Bug where if you set in preferences a job you can't do, the script would tell you but then just sit. Now it keeps
- FIXED: In some cases, Auto City buy will pick an item, go to purchase it, but change it's mind on what it should
purchase. In cases where it no longer has enough money, it trys anyway and fails. Can be annoying if it took money
from the bank to do it. -- RELATED to changing jobs... the best purchase is partially calculated with your job
mean... So now, whenever you change jobs, it automatically goes back to the city and recalculates. **** For jobs
that require prep work, the script will automatically change jobs to the prep work, then to the actual job, then
to the prep work, etc. (as needed). The Auto City Buy will see them all as a new job, so it will recalculate as
it switches between them. This is normal - a couple extra screen refreshes, but I don't see that as a problem as it
will only occur once after each switch.
- REWORKED: The fight list 'helper' color coding. First implementation weighted heavily on mob boss level. This
implementation weighs more on mob size.
- ADDED: Link to add a facebook friend from the profile page of mobsters.
- STARTED: Work on integrating a captcha solving service (MWCaptcha)
- FIXED: Occasionally, if you came in to a LARGE sum of money, but your property is still very cheap, the recommended
purchase quantity is greater then 10. This messed up the autocity purchases. Now, if the recommended is over 10,
the autocity buy only purchases up to 10 at a time.
- ADDED: A list of users to refuse to attack on the hitlist. Editing the list is still rather crude, but it will get the
job done. You can add manually, and/or have the script automatically add them if you lose to them in a battle on the
hitlist. Script lists all members by their mob id (a number). Keep in mind, the longer this list is, the longer
it will take for the script to decide if you should/can attack the person, so the more likely it is that person will
already be killed.
- Facebook/MobWars is having some problems as I write this, giving totally blank pages occasionally. The script should
now automatically reload the page after 5 seconds if this happens (only if the facebook menu doesn't even show up)
New Version 2/5/09 #2:
- Added: commas to the auto city purchase notifications in the In Queue and diagnostic areas.
- FIXED: If you had money 'protected' from the auto city purchase routines in the bank, but then took it out using the
'hit this user' (which automatically takes money out of the bank for you), auto city buy would steal that money
for its own purposes. And you'd get stuck in a loop.
- ADDED: 'Protected' money option for cash as well (protected from the Auto City Purchases).
- FIXED: Bug that made money get deposited after a job, even if you don't want it to.
New Version 2/5/09:
- Added: 'cancel wait for stamina' option.
- FIXED: Didn't say it was hitting someone, even when it was. Should be fixed.
- FIXED: - FIX: If stamina upgrade is all you have set (for skill points), and all you have is less than 2 skill points,
it will just continue to try over and over.
- Added Auto City next purchase info to In Queue area
- Added error check for error that occasionally occurs when 'screen adjustment' is turned on in preferences.
- Reverse victim list so newest at top.
- Corrected issure where you get paid (or get a bounty), have it deposited, only to bring it back out for buying
property. Now, it should first buy the property.
- REMOVED snipping. There is currently >NO< known benefit to snipping. MobWars made a change that effectively makes it
no better then the normal, and safer, way of hitting a target. And our experiment with hitting multiple targets at
once with snipping showed no benefit that I'm aware of. Plus the fact that when snipping there is more danger of
missing a captcha, and the feedback received is minimal. Both those negatives could be worked around, but there
doesn't appear to be any reason to spend time on a function that serves no use anyway.
- ADDED hitlist option to choose who to attack on the list: First Come, Highest bounty, lowest bounty.
- Changed how it reports when there is a new version -- no more alert window (unless you do a manual check). Now
reports in the status window.
- Hides the facebook and mobwars ads if you have a browser window height of less than 500px (works best with main
screen adjustment on). It does not STOP the ads from downloading, so there is no benefit of this other then to
get more on the screen at lower resolutions. I would hope people don't abuse this (although I don't know why they
would) since MobWars and Facebook need the ads too. Will eventually make an option to turn them off or on for
everyone, but as mentioned, if this is a user elected item it will slow the refresh minimum -- I don't want to be
affecting any revenue of Mobwars or FaceBook.
- Fiddled with the adjustment settings for various screen resolutions. .Should. handle slider bars, etc., better then
before (on low resolutions, again, the slider bars could end up covering some of the visible data - Can't everyone
just have resolutions of 1280x1024 or higher? :) )
New Version 2/4/09:
- FIXED: FIX: Base error: header undefined. (on home page, when there is no news?)
- Improved pause system... previous implementation is problematic (if action is less then 1 second away, it still executes,
and timers are thrown off). New implementation keeps timers running, and only blocks them from executing. Can also
pause right up until execution (keep in mind, just because your screen hasn't refreshed yet, doesn't mean that it's
not already executing. Basically, if it says "executing in 0 seconds", expect it's already executing).
- Made wait for stamina a user definable: ie, you run to 0, do you wait until 1 is back, or 5 is back?
- Cleaned up preferences screen
- Added: minimum bank amount where autowithdrawals won't go below (for buying City property).
- FIXED: loophole in pause system - actions in queue that did not load a new page directly could bypass the pause.
- Changed error message when you select a job you can not perform. Instead of alert messages (windows), now the message
shows up in the status window -- so the script can continue to run, and the user can more easily change the job.
- Allocate skill points automatically, based on user preferences (split up points in preferences too)
- FIXED: The 'fighting' issue between functions, when the bounty hunting is on, that occurs on some computers (not mine)
.should. be fixed.
- FIXED: Snipe routines didn't always fire (snipes still don't really have a benefit with MobWars anymore anyway)
- EXPERIMENTAL: Snipe more then one person at a time. You still can't (to my knowledge) snipe a single target more then
once, because of MobWars itself, but can you attack more then one at once? Let's find out. Keep in mind, this is
EXPERIMENTAL and may not work consistently or at all. AND, if it does work, MobWars may make a change to fix it.
AND, there is always the chance that this can be tracked by MobWars and get you banned from the game.
USE this feature at your OWN RISK.
New Version 2/2/09 #2:
- FIXED: Error in displaying the what Auto City Buy target if the status window is closed.
- FIXED: Error in Auto City Buy routines using the wrong item costs.
- Changed auto buy routine to purchase depended item to get up to needed items to purchase desired item (instead of
best qty for the depended item only -- routines have already taken that into account)
New Version 2/2/09:
- Added 'In Queue' to status window.
- Rearranged (mildly) status window so the most important information on buttons are more easily available at low res
- FIXED: bug that crept into the city page ROR and other city page options
- AutoBuy of city items is complete. You may turn it on and off in the preferences, and tell it whether or not to use
bank money to make the purchases. The logic will pick the best ROR, at the best quantity (adjusted for 'inflation').
If the item depends on another item (empty lot, city block, etc.), and you don't have enough of that item, it will
default to buying that item, at that item's best qty (adjusted for 'inflation').
- Added an inactivity refresh timer -- length is adjustable (60 second minimum. Would suggest a large number. Defaults
to off)
New Version 2/1/09:
- Changed low health/auto heal restrictions to be low health can't be lower then auto heal levels.
- Added 'version' number to preference screen
- FIXED: Fight list still "links" to fights, from hitlist win/loss(but not kill), that, because of the MobWars change, no
longer have anywhere to go to... So link just goes to yourself. Need to take the "link" out for those that don't have
- Snipping has been added -- just in time for it not to work. It .appears. that MobWars changed the way it worked to block
snipes ('snipes' still work, but only good for one attack, so no better then a normal attack). I've made it an option
to do it either way (thru a snipe, 1 - 3 times, or just normal). So if it ever starts to work again, you can use it.
(there is no harm, that I'm aware of, to always snipe, so you could, technically, just always have it snipe 3 times,
and just hope it eventually works) If anyone knows of it still working in some other implementation, let me know.
- FIXED: Error made every mob type 'Bulletproof'. You'll need to manually go to your profile screen for it to correct
- added auto bank option after bounties. (suggestion by Neon Moose)
New Version 1/31/09 #2:
- FIXED bug that came up as a result of the fix for the bounty hunting resting problem (dealing with health). The delay
(while you heal)failed to take into account what mob type you are. This is now corrected.
- FIXED another bug that came from the above. If you were waiting for health to regenerate, and the system autohealed,
the sytem continued to wait until the time was up unless you refreshed.
- Cleaned up the victim list code somewhat (not as bad as the fight list code, but still had more work being done
then needed. Now just creates the viewable list when you want to see it)
- Added low health minimum user preference (60% maximum, and can't be higher then autoheal level (if active))
- Changed the preference screen to scroll
New Version 1/31/09:
MobWars made a change (again) that killed obtaining info for the fightlist from the hitlist attacks (unless you killed the opponent). So, this update is out, with a few other changes.
- Previous versions sorted the fightlist once every refresh, and then another time if that refresh included a
fight (won or lost). A lot of extra loops for no good reason - unnoticeable on small lists, huge lists could have
caused some delay on older machines. Now the list is just sorted when you want to view it.
- Changed the way that the names of opponents is found for the fight list. Should be much more reliable now.
>>***** MobWars made some changes to how the hitlist win/loss screen displays, as a result, opponents were not picked up
for the fight list from hitlist attacks. This isn now fixed -- however there is currently no way to get a link to the
individual opponents from the hitlist (unless you kill the opponent). So, for now, the fightlist will show who you
fought on the hitlist, but will not link to them. If you *kill* the person, a link will still be aviailable.
>>>>> Data pulled from normal fights is/was not affected.
- Added date to victim list (hitlist kills)
- Added column headings to victim list
- FIXED bug with rig ignition and picking up the opponents name
New Version 1/30/09:
- Added average experience gained from fights with opponents to the fight list (Total Experience/(wins+losses))
(idea from gwoodyard)
- Column headings for the fight list, can sort by any heading (except "Opponent")
(idea from chillinNkillin)
- Added date of the most recent fight to opponents in the fight list
(idea from chillinNkillin)
- Various code improvement to fight list functions.
- FIXED: (hopefully) Bounty hunting 'resting' problem -- was due to 'health' issue. Now waits for health regeneration and
restarts hunting.
- FIXED: Max bounty "limit" of 9000000000... now is infinity.
- Made the default max bounty 12000, and min default 8000.
- Changed 'minimum' calculation to include the minimum, and the 'maximum' calculation to include the maximum, values set
for hunting bounties.
New Version 1/27/09:
Nothing really "new", except that you can turn the main window adjustments on and off (suggested by chillinNkillin), and a status window (which is basically just for diagnostics at this point).
Previous version 1/26/09:
***** The problem that afflected many Mob Wars scripts is currently fixed in the current version of this script.
Mob Wars updated there system and some kinks ended up in several Mob Wars scripts, including this one. THEY SHOULD BE FIXED NOW! I won't guarantee that there aren't still problems, but the main functions should be fine now.
Feedback on how it "looks" is needed (see discussion topic on the subject).
The rest of the 'changelog' is currently in the source code on the source code tab (the change log has only been kept accurate (to some degree) for the last few versions). In the future, the changelog will be available from within the program itself as well.